What's New

This is where you can find out what new features have recently been added to Squash-Ladder.com.

Fix for Challenge Positions and Resting Players

May 2015 | Complete

When the challenge positions rule is enforced resting players are no longer included in the number of positions within which a player can challenge another.

Ladder Discussion Board

June 2014 | Complete

Ladder members can participate in a discussion board, game results and challenges can optionally be added to the message board.

Enforce Challenge Positions Rule

February 2014 | Complete

The Ladder Administrator can optionally enforce the ladder 'Challenge Positions' rule preventing players from challenging others a set number of positions above their current ranking.

Multiple Ladder Administrators

September 2012 | Complete

A Ladder Administrator can assign ladder administration privileges to additional ladder members allowing administration duties to be shared by several players.

Ladder Invitation Tracking

September 2012 | Complete

A Ladder Administrator can now create, track and chase up ladder invitations. An invitee can join the Ladder through a single link sent via email.

New Site Layout

May 2012 | Complete

The site layout has been redesigned and many new features added to make the site easier to use. New features include:

  • My Dashboard page, this provides shortcuts to all your Ladders, Clubs, Games and Challenges.
  • Challenges, game challenges are now visible and can be used to see who is already under challenge and when a challenge was played.
  • Resting status, a Member can specify if they are taking a break from competing.
  • Ladder Administrator has more control, being able to enter / edit results and challenges, set the resting status for a player, delete Clubs and Ladders and Link / Unlink a Ladder with a Club.
  • Club and Member Accounts have been merged, where Club and Member accounts existed under the same email address the Club administration will fall under the Member account.

Invite new Members Email

February 2012 | Complete

A Ladder Administrator can now send an email through the site to invite new members to join their Ladder.

Removing a Player from a Ladder

February 2012 | Complete

A Ladder Administrator can now remove a player from their Ladder.

Manually Moving Players Ladder Position

February 2012 | Complete

A Ladder Administrator can now manually move a player's rank up and down on their Ladder.

The Help Menu

January 2012 | Complete

A manual of the sites functionality and how to perform common tasks has been added under the "Help" menu.