Privacy Statement

We only collect personal information which is necessary to facilitate the function of a 'Sports Ladder'. We will not sell, rent or share any personal data to third parties for marketing. You will only receive marketing emails from us if you explicitly 'opt-in' for this service, by default you will be set as 'opt-out'. We agree to keep your personal information in a secure environment.

It is necessary for certain members to view each others personal data to co-ordinate match fixtures. We have therefore gone to great lengths to create a system that provides the flexibility for co-ordination of match fixtures with friends along with the ability to hide your details from others. This includes:
1) Asking our members to enter their email and password every time they log-in. By doing this, you are the only person who can view and amend all of your personal details. Note, you have the option of storing your email on your machine in a cookie. This will enable fast login when you return to the site.
2) By default your email address is not visible on the site, when challenging an opponent on your Ladder you send an email through the system, therefore preventing other members from viewing your email address before contacting you first.
3) When you register or amend your details you can specify whether to make your email address visible on the site, when you enable this option it will only be visible to other members of your ladder.
4) By making a ladder 'Private' only the members of the ladder can view the ladder details.
5) By making a ladder 'password protected' you can prevent others from joining the ladder without prior permission in the form of a password or an invitation link.

Your name

We ask for your Name and an Alias to identify you on the Sports Ladder and enable an opponent to find you when entering a game score. When the ladder is set to 'Private' only players on your ladder can see your Full Name and Phone (see below) detail.

Your email

We require your email for two reasons:
1) We use your email address as a means to identify you when you log-in.
2) If an opponent wishes to challenge you they can do this by sending you an email. This email is sent through the system which means the opponent cannot view your email address until you respond to their challenge.

For these reasons it's important that you ensure that the email address you enter is correct.

Your gender

We ask for your gender so that rankings on mixed sex ladders can be sorted by gender.

Phone Number and Availability

Your phone number and availability, like your name, are only visible to players on ladders in which you are a member. They would be used (in conjunction with email) by members on your ladder to co-ordinate match fixtures.

Date of Birth

This will be used in the future to enable mixed age group ladders to be sorted by age brackets.