Welcome to Squash-Ladder.com
Sports Club Features
  • Advertise your Sports Facilities online and setup and administer your Ladders.
  • The site was originally created for Squash however can also be used for other sports including Tennis, Badminton, Racquetball, Racketball and Fives.
  • The site increases participation as it is easier for players to arrange games and record results.
  • The site reduces administration effort as all functions are available online.
Player Features
  • Find a Club or Ladder in your area or create a new Ladder with your friends.
  • Enter challenges and record your match results.
  • View Ladder results and rankings.
  • Send Challenge emails through the Squash-Ladder.com system.
  • Participte in a ladder message board.
Ladder Functions
  • Stores a record of all match results and challenges on a Ladder.
  • Re-adjusts ladder ranking based on the traditional Sports Ladder rules.
  • Calculates points based on a Points Scoring system.
The Ladder Administrator can:
  • Invite players to join a Ladder.
  • Move player's position on a Ladder.
  • Enter and edit results and remove players.
  • Prevent outsiders from viewing/joining a ladder without permission by use of a password.
  • Enable/disable score entry by setting the ladder Start/End period.
  • Re-order or Clear down ladder rankings at the end of a season.
  • Download all games scores in html format for backup or further manipulation.

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